Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy Kids!

My friend came over the other day to interview me for an assignment she was working on. She brought her little girl who is a couple months older than Cooper. The kids all get along great and were playing really well together! After a while I commented that I hadn't heard anything from them (which is odd because when other people come over my kids think they have to show off by playing as LOUDLY as they can!) So I got up to look for them and this is what I found...

They had brought almost every toy we own and put it in the kitchen!! I could not stop laughing!

This is our toy room and this bookshelf is usually full of toys! They had emptied it out completely!!

Apparently they were getting ready for a football game...whatever that means! That's the only explanation I could get out of all three of them. It was sooo funny!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birthday Trip

My birthday was last Friday and I knew that Bert was planning a getaway for us. But that's all I knew! It was all a big surprise (which I love!) So I assumed that we were probably just going to head up to Park City or Salt Lake or something close by. Boy was I shocked when he got on the freeway and started heading south! So then I decided we were probably going to St. George. Which we did. We got off to eat at the Texas Roadhouse (which I also love!) and then I was waiting for him to find the hotel and all of a sudden there's a giant sign on the side of the freeway that says "Welcome to Arizona"! So, our final destination, after soooo much driving (I am totally impatient on roadtrips!) was Las Vegas!

Bert did a great job with all the planning! We got there late Friday night and checked into the Venetian. We had a beautiful room! It was the only thing that I got pictures of from that whole weekend! I'm weird about asking strangers to take a picture for me. I know, it's really dumb!

They had us up on the 30th floor so it had an amazing view! I know it's all blurry but you can get the idea!So we really only had one day to spend in Vegas but it was packed full of stuff so it felt like a full trip instead of just one day! We went to a spa and were able to see The Phantom of the Opera and the Blue Man Group. In between we ate some very yummy food and we did that all in our hotel! The shows and the restaurants and the spa were all in the Venetian so we never really had to leave and drive around!

It was a very fun trip and much needed too! I love my kids but I also love some time away to just relax and be with Bert! Thanks to my mom and dad for watching them over the weekend! The boys loved sleeping over at Nana and Papa's and they keep asking to go back again!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorations

We spent most of Saturday getting all of our Christmas stuff our and decorating the Christmas tree. I LOVE Christmastime and I love getting ready for it! The boys were very excited about all the decorations. They would pull something out of the box and ask me where it goes and if I told them it went in their room they would smile really big and run down the hall to put it in there. They were really excited about helping put the decorations on the tree...

This is how it looked when they got done. The ornaments were all at the bottom of the tree and a lot of them were on the same branch bunched together.

After they were finished and off playing with something else I moved them all. I made sure to take a picture first but I am just too OCD to leave it like that.

Here they are with their tree in their room. They are so proud of it and anyone that walks in the door has to be escorted to their bedroom to see their tree in their room.

**My boys are totally obsessed with still wearing shorts! Everyday they ask if they can change out of the outfits I put them in. It's so crazy! They are taking after their dad who wears shorts all year round. Jacks thinks he can run faster in shorts so that is his argument. They are total goofs!