Monday, September 20, 2010

School and Soccer

I can hardly believe how grown up my little man is! He's old enough to go to school now!! It's still really weird. My friend Lauren was over the other night and mentioned how grown-up he is now and that makes me a little sad.

Of course Cooper has to get in on the action too! For the first few days of school he would ask me about 10 times if it was time to go pick up Jacks yet. He has adjusted better now and only asks twice.

This is Jacks' friend, Aidan. He is our neighbor and is in the same class. My mom is the teacher and his grandma is the aid. These boys are pretty spoiled!

Jacks was so excited to start Soccer this year. He has been practicing with Cooper and his dad a ton and has improved a lot. Last year was our first year and he was very reserved and didn't get a lot of ball time. He is still reserved this year but has a lot more skills to counteract that. He likes to wait on the outside when everyone is fighting over the ball and when someone finally kicks it out of the group Jacks will grab it and go.

He is having so much fun and is getting really good. He made 4 goals at his game last Saturday and was so excited that he's been telling everyone!