Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like father, like son

Water Slide

The 24th of July was spent like most holidays for us...juggling two family parties. We had a barbecue at the Keele's in the afternoon and one in the evening at the Williams'. While we were at the Keele's, Peggy (my mother-in-law) put up her big waterslide. She bought it a couple of summers ago and puts it up when everyone is coming over. Jacks has never wanted to try it because of the cold water and he really doesn't like to get his head wet. So I asked him if he wanted to try it and he actually said yes. All it took was one slide down and he was hooked!!

This is Jacks' cousin Stephanie. He has the biggest crush on her! He's always asking me about her and as soon as he finds out we're going to Grandma Keele's house he wants to know if Steph is going to be there too. If she is there he doesn't leave her side the whole night. Poor Steph doesn't get to play with anyone else, but she is a really good sport about it!!

Patriotic Photo

We kinda started a tradition in my family of taking a picture of the cousins on the 4th of July. I thought it would be fun to post that picture as well as the ones that we have taken in the past. It's fun to see how different the kids are after a year.




Sunday, July 20, 2008


Everyday when Bert gets home from work the boys go in Jacks' room and play basketball. The boys love playing with their daddy because Bert does commentary for them. They take turns being Kobe or Boozer or Garnett. It's always a nice break for me and it's fun to watch them play with their daddy. Cooper likes to try to make it in as well and if he does he says "Nice", but if he misses he says "ah...miss". Jacks got this basketball hoop for his birthday last month and these pictures are from then.

Primary Activity

I was in charge of our primary activity for our ward on Saturday. We got together as a presidency and decided to do safety as our theme. Our ward had the fire department and a police officer come last year and it was a success so they wanted that again. Since I have a fireman and a policeman connection, I was put in charge. My brother Ben came with his firetruck and talked to the kids about fire safety. Then my brother-in-law Dave came in his Highway Patrol car and talked to them about seat belts and crossing the street safely. After they were done the kids got to look at the police car and explore the firetruck. And then Ben hooked the firetruck up to the fire hydrant. The kids had so much fun getting wet. It was a big success and I'm very grateful to Ben and Dave for their help with it. Here are some fun pictures of our activity.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anniversary Trip

Bert and I went to St. George last weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We had a really nice time. We left the boys with my mom and dad and headed down on Friday. That night we went to see the Sound of Music at the Tuacahn.

They did a really great job. It was fun and entertaining. Bert has never seen the movie before and didn't even know the storyline before we went and he enjoyed it. On Saturday we went golfing, took a nap and went to a movie. We had a great weekend, it was everything we wanted it to be: fun, romantic, and relaxing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have finally jumped on the blog bandwagon. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while and my sister finally talked me into it. Hopefully she won't be the only one to look at it!!

We have had a very busy summer. In June we went camping with Bert's family to Flaming Gorge. We took the boys river rafting down the Green River which was fun but a little long for 2 little boys. They had a good time at the Dinosaur museum in Vernal, which had life-size replicas for them to see.

Then the next weekend we went camping to Payson Lakes with my sister and her family. They have a tent trailer which fit all of us. It was a fun trip!!

And then the next weekend I took the boys down to New Mexico for my cousin's wedding. In between all that we celebrated Jackson's 3rd birthday!! It was a very fun day. I took him out to breakfast in the morning for some "mommy and me" time. He ordered Mickey Mouse pancakes!! Then we had a little pool party out in the yard with my sisters and nephew. And in the evening we took him to the Kangaroo Zoo. He loved it and had a very fun day!!

This wagon was one of his birthday gifts. He loves it and asks to go for a ride in it everyday!!

Jacks is really into sharks right now so when I asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted he of course said a shark cake. So this is what my sister and I created. I have to admit it was a really cool cake and I am very proud of it. We are getting pretty good at decorating cakes.