Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a busy Easter weekend! We decorated eggs at my mom's on Saturday morning. Even though there were 3 boys and only 1 girl decorating we used the Princess Egg Decorating kit. The boys are all going through a phase right now where they love the Princess movies.
I took his shirt off so he wouldn't get any stains on it! I know...I am very OCD about being clean!!We then headed over to the annual Keele Easter Egg Hunt. There are so many kids that we have to have 4 different hunts so it takes a long time to hide them and find them 4 different times. And the guys don't just set them in a bush...they go all out! We all needed a hint to find the $5 eggs and I was so close to getting one of them. It was very rainy throughout the hunt and Bert's coat was soaked through when he finally came in after all 4 hunts were done.Then we had the Williams hunt on Easter. The boys were so excited to find that the Easter bunny had come to visit them in the night. They couldn't wait to see what he had brought!!It was a busy holiday weekend, but also very fun! We are so grateful to have lots of family around to share these fun holiday traditions with!