Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mascot Bowl

We went to a Bee's game at the beginning of August and Cooper fell in love with the Bee mascot. Ever since he has asked to go to another game and loves to look at the pictures of the Bee on our computer. So when Bert's friend told us about a Mascot Bowl going on in Lehi last night, we jumped at the chance. The boys had a BLAST!!!

They let you go down and meet and get autographs with the mascots before the game starts. Now, even though I told you Cooper is in love with the Bee...it is only from a distance. He refused to get his picture taken with any of them!!

The mascots play against a Lehi Little League Football team. I said to Bert that it was my kinda game because it was more entertaining to me than a regular football game. The best was when the mascot would be running with the ball and dragging about 5 little leaguers that were trying to tackle him.
We invited Peggy (Bert's mom) to go with us and I think she had a good time. I know the boys loved having her there because they were fighting over who got to sit with Grandma.

They handed out posters and we hung them up in the boys' room above their beds. It was really fun and something we will definitely do again!! True to form, the boys are already asking to go again and don't quite understand that we have to wait a whole year before we can see the Fox and Bee again :)!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Day of Fall

We celebrated the first day of fall by going for a drive up the canyon (we actually didn't even know it was the first day of fall until someone told me the next day ;). It was so beautiful! I love fall and the changing of the leaves! I wish it would last for a long time!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken in August by my friend Kirsten and they turned out so great! I was so pleased! If anyone needs any pictures taken, her and her sister do a great job! Her blog is linked on the right, it's called Two Sister's Photography! Call them!

I am usually so bugged after pictures because we go somewhere like Target and you only have a half hour to get a good picture. My boys end up being really nervous in the dark room with bright lights on them and some girl they don't know trying to make them smile. So, needless to say, we don't end up with very many good ones. But this time was so different!! We did it outside which automatically made the boys more comfortable and the girls were so patient with Cooper because it took him quite a while to warm up! I brought my sister Erin along and she eventually got him to smile and then we ended up with some great shots. There are so many I like, but I thought I would show you a few of my favorites...

Monday, September 14, 2009

"I'm a Big Kid Now!"

We signed Jacks up for soccer this year (he barely made the cut by 2 weeks, so I think he is the youngest on the team). We decided he needs more social time with kids his own age. He is painfully shy and we are hoping that by playing soccer and going to preschool he will come out of his shell a little. The first game was pretty tough and he really didn't want to go out and play, but if Bert went out too and ran up and down the field then Jacks would go out and at least run. But he has already improved a lot! We had his 3rd game on Saturday and he went right out and played the whole game and got in quite a few kicks. We have one of those really polite teams where they aren't very aggressive so the other team is scorig quite a bit more than we are. But I really don't care as long as Jacks is having fun!!
I had myself all geared up for some clinging and crying when I dropped him off for his first day of Preschool. I was gladly surprised that he went right in and didn't even look at me when I said goodbye to him. He is loving it and loves coming home with new pictures to hang up on the wall!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here we go again...

So I'm in the boys' room cleaning and the boys are running up and down the hall chasing bouncy balls. All of a sudden there's a big crash and I look down the hall and Cooper has fallen into the door. I assumed he had just hit his head really hard, but I could tell that he was crying differently and was taking longer to console than usual. (He's like 30 seconds max and then he's off doing something again.) So I asked him where it was hurting and he pointed to his right wrist. My heard sunk and I thought "Oh no, he has broken his wrist again!" I called Bert to tell him about it and ask if he could possibly come home from work if we needed to take him to the doctors. I said I would watch him a little longer and see how he does and then let Bert know. Well just a few minutes after I got off Cooper tried to get up off my lap and he put pressure on that wrist and just started screaming and crying. I called Bert up immediately and told him to meet us at the doctors. After the X-rays (which he was very brave for) the doctor told us it's broken again in almost the same place as last time! I can't believe it! I started worrying on the way to the doctors that they were going to become suspicious of me bringing my kid in again just months later with another broken arm and investigate me! Thankfully they understand that little boys are just wild and crazy and always running and falling!I think it hurts more this time around, but he has still been such a trooper! Poor guy! We go in tomorrow morning to get the hard cast put on which will make me feel a little better because he is still wanting to be that crazy boy who runs and falls and the hard cast will protect him more.

He's got quite the black eye from colliding with the door. This picture was taken when we got home from the doctor's office...it has gotten even worse and I need to take another picture of it! It just breaks your heart to look at him! Hopefully he will only have to do the cast for 3 weeks again!