Saturday, September 20, 2008

BYU Football

Bert and Jacks went to the BYU Football game today. It was Jacks' first game this season. He was very excited about it and kept mentioning that "Only me and daddy are going, not Cooper, not Mommy!" Bert said he got a little tired since the game was right during nap time and that it was a little loud for him. But overall I think they had a good time together. Jacks came home with his very own BYU football that he was so excited about and wanted to go throw around as soon as he got home. It makes me happy that the boys enjoy going to sporting events with their daddy and I know it makes Bert happy too!!

One project down, tons to go....

This morning, while we were watching cartoons, a dump truck full of gravel pulled up in front of our house. Bert and my dad had planned to get together Monday and go get the gravel for our driveway, so we both looked at each other when my dad pulled up this morning in a big dump truck. My dad said there was a dump truck available through his work today so my mom and dad decided to surprise us this morning. Thanks Mom and Dad! It was a nice surprise and we really appreciated all your help!

The boys really loved watching all the gravel get dumped!

And then, of course, they each had to take a turn sitting in the dump truck. Cooper was a little nervous so my dad put him on his lap and then he was happy as can be.

We're glad to be almost done with this project (we just need to spread it all out now) and excited that we won't be tracking any more stickers into the house for unsuspecting bare feet to step on!! Thanks again Mom and Dad!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My friend Kirsten is starting a photography business with her sister and she asked to take some pictures of the boys to practice. We met up at a park and had lunch and let the boys run around and have fun while she was snapping shots of them. She did a really great job, the pictures look great. She has a blog that is called Two Sisters Photo and you can get to it at the link on the side. Thanks Kirst!! The pictures look really great!

I love this picture because they make each other laugh all the time (of course they make each other cry sometimes too.) I love listening to the kids having conversations with each other. It's so funny the things they talk about and the way they understand each other!!

Cooper was a stinker and didn't want to smile for the pictures. I usually don't have a hard time getting him to smile, so it was pretty frustrating!!

I can't believe how fast time flies. It feels like he was just a baby and now he's 3 years old and getting bigger all the time. People always say to cherish these moments when your kids are young because they fly by. But on those horrible days when they have wrecked every room in the house and you have changed too many diapers and been a referee all day you can't imagine what they are talking about. But it is true. They grow up so fast! Hopefully I'll remember that on my next bad day!!