Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lamb Days / Summer Fun

Kristen and Shelly Johnson invited us down to their home in Fountain Green for Lamb Days! The kids loved it. Bert and I are not parade goers so our kids have only seen the ones at Disneyland. But I actually enjoyed this small town parade! It was fun to see the kids' excitement about the candy they collected and the floats.

Especially the "princess" floats! They couldn't get enough of them and would wave the whole time they were driving by us!

After the parade the kids were able to make rockets and launch them! They thought that was so cool.They also have a fun playground at their house that they spent a lot of time on!

Then we headed over to the park where the rides and booths were set up! It was soooo hot that day so the kids are all sweaty in these pictures! All they wanted to do was ride on this ride called the Sheeper Creeper which was basically a 4-wheeler hauling around a trailer in a big circle around the park. They used up almost all their tickets on this ride.

Then we got snow cones and enjoyed them in the shade! Can you see all the pink stamps on Jacks' arms? He got a stamp as a prize for playing in one of the booths and he went to town with that thing before I noticed what he was doing!

It was a really fun day! Thanks to the Johnson Family for hosting!

These last few pics are some of the fun stuff we have done this summer that I have forgotten to blog about! We had a primary activity in July where Ben brought the firetruck and Dave brought his Trooper car and they talked to the kids about safety and then Ben sprayed them all with water! The kids always love this activity and it's really nice for us leaders because we really didn't have to do anything!

We love having my mom and sisters around during the summer and so we have spent a lot of time at Nana's house playing in the backyard!

The other night we got our slip-and-slide out for the kids to play on. When we were first looking at our house I hated the backyard. The whole thing is a hill. But I have sort of turned around because we had so much sledding on it in the winter and now slip-and-sliding in the summer. The hill isn't too bad I guess!!

That last one is really blurry but you can see on their faces how much fun they were having! They thought it was so fun to all go down together! These kind of summer activities are sometimes the best!

Monday, July 27, 2009


We've been hitting a lot of museums this summer and, of course, I have been behind on blogging about them! First we went to the Bean Museum down at BYU! It's perfect for the kids. They always have a good time!
Then we hit the Museum of Art also at BYU to see the Walter Wick exhibit. Walter Wick is the guy who writes the I Spy books for those of you who don't know. It was really interesting to see how much work goes into those pictures. There was another exhibit going on where a guy made art out of random things. There was stuff made out of trash bags, soy sauce packets, lawn chairs, and 2 liter bottles. It was pretty interesting. Afterward we hit the Creamery for some yummy ice cream!
Then we hit the Children's Museum at the Gateway. That was a lot of fun! It has a lot of activities for the kids to do. It was packed that day so we will have to go back again after all the other kids are back in school so we can spend more time at each station.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake for the Williams family vacation this year and we had a blast!! It is so beautiful up there and every time we go we talk about getting a cabin up there and going more often...maybe something will come of it this time!! Probably not ;)

We spent the whole week playing on the beach...
Playing on the boat...Eating yummy food...Playing with cousins...Eating yummy shakes...And just being together...We had so much fun!! We love Bear Lake!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keele Family Vacation

We had our Keele Family Vacation this last weekend with all of Bert's family. It's quite an impressive group. Don and Peggy have 7 living children who all married and there are 33 grandchildren! There were a coupld of families who couldn't make it, but it's still a big group! We started out the trip on Thursday at This Is The Place Monument. It's a huge place and I think even if you spent a whole day there, you wouldn't see it all. We only had a half a day to squeeze in a few fun things. We started out at the pony rides which the boys both loved!

Then headed over to the petting zoo for a few minutes. Cooper got huge, red puffy eyes after that so I guess he's allergic to one of those animals! Who knows which one!?!

They had this really cute Mini-train that all the kids loved. It drives around this pond twice and there is a tunnel which was their favorite part. When Jacks got off he told me that the next group of kids was going to laugh so hard when they went through the tunnel because it was so much fun!!
This family picture took about 5 attempts. We started out on the other side of the wagon but the sun was in Bert's eyes so he's got his eyes closed or is making a really squinty face in all of them. Then we moved to the other side and finally got our shot!

On Friday we spent the whole afternoon at Terri's house swimming in her pool and bbq-ing. Bert has had strep for a week or 2 and decided not to swim so he wouldn't pass it off to anyone...which left me with the 2 boys that don't quite know how to swim but wish they did. Luckily Jacks loves all his older girl cousins and they swam with him and I didn't see him much after that.
This is Jacks and Jessica. He gets the biggest grin on his face when you talk about Jessica, Jennifer, and Steph! Thanks girls for helping me out and swimming with Jacks!!

The poor girls spent most of the day catching him as he would run and jump into the water. He loved it. He's getting braver and braver about getting his face wet. He's totally ready for swim lessons...I wish I would have signed them up for this summer!

This is Dawson and these 2 are so funny together. They are about 6 months apart and they have the best time playing together. They both love balls and so everytime we go to Peggy's you can find these 2 out on the basketball court shooting hoops and laughing. It's so fun to have cousins that are their same age...but also to have the older cousins that still love to spend time with the little kids. It makes things fun for my boys and more relaxing for Bert and I because the older kids will take them for a walk and play with them!!

On Friday evening we headed down to Mt. Pleasant to Sara's family's cabin. It's a beautiful area and a great cabin to hang out in. Unfortunately Jacks got carsick on the way down and threw up and then in the night he was coughing so hard that he threw up again. That was sure a pain to clean up in a pitch black cabin with just a flashlight.

The boys LOVED riding on the 4-wheelers. If you ask Jacks what his favorite part was he will tell you the fast cars. There were only 2 of them and a lot of kids to ride them so they didn't get to ride as much as they would have liked!

We had a weenie roast and Cooper liked helping cook his hot dog!

Then I had a turn driving! It was so fun listening to Jacks laugh going fast down the hills!!

This is my favorite picture from the whole weekend!! Cooper loves to spider-swing! He will come up to you and say "I wanna do spider with you!" You can tell from his face how much he loves it!!

It was a fun weekend and we enjoyed spending time with family!! Next week we're off to the Williams Family Vacation up in Bear Lake so there will be another long post coming soon!!