Thursday, August 28, 2008

My little men!

I thought these pictures were both so cute so I had to post them. My brother and his wife had a baby in July and both of my boys love the baby. They love to hold her and Cooper especially loves to smother her with kisses.
Cooper loves these lawn chairs that my mom has for the kids. He carries them all over the yard to the exact spot he wants his chair and then plops himself down. He is always making me smile with the funny things he does!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well it's been a little while since I've posted so I have to go back and highlight a couple of things. On the first weekend in August my sisters, my mom, and a friend all packed our bags and headed to Logan for a girls weekend. We headed up Friday evening and were going to spend the night and play all day Saturday. It was going to be fun. the middle of the night 3 of us (me included) got sick and took multiple trips to the bathroom. It was horrible. We decided to just get up in the morning and eat a little breakfast and head back home. So we pretty much drove to Logan to go out to dinner and to get sick. Kinda lame.

But while I was gone Bert's family had an extended family reunion and Bert was put in charge of the obstacle course. He really did a lot of planning and tried to make it a lot of fun. I kept telling him to keep it simple because I wasn't going to be there to help him but he just wanted to make sure it was fun. And it was! Everyone that I've talked to since then said it was their favorite part of the reunion!! So these are some pictures of Bert's obstacle course.

During the month of August Thanksgiving Point is having $2 Tuesdays, so of course we had to check it out. The first Tuesday I went to the petting zoo with my mom and sisters and the boys had a lot of fun. There were a ton of animals to look at and we got a hayride and a ponyride as well. Jacks wouldn't touch any of the animals the whole time we were there but he said he wanted to ride on a pony. There was a long line for it and I didn't want to stand in it if he wasn't serious. But we did stand in it and of course when it was his turn he started to say he didn't want to, but I stuck him on anyway and he had a blast. He smiled through the whole thing and asked to go again.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Pool Party

Yesterday Jacks and I spent the afternoon at the Provo pool with my sisters and nephew. It was super fun! They had 2 big water slides that we were able to take the kids on. The boys loved it and wanted to keep going again and again. The only problem was all the stairs you have to climb to get up there and the boys wanted to be held the whole way up. It was a really fun day. Jacks is already asking to go again!!
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